You Should Use Your Own DNS Server With Spamhaus

If you’re running your own small mail server it’s quite possible that you’ll want to make use of Spamhaus’ free DNSBL to reduce spam email. However, if you are using your web host’s DNS servers (which is the default) it’s likely that Spamhaus will not work because the DNS will have exceeded the free usage …

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Stop Apache mod_rewrite Appending Query String To Redirects

The Apache web server’s mod_rewrite module is a powerful tool for rewriting URLs. It can catch you off guard in certain situations. For example, if you’re matching a URL to rewrite or redirect to another, you may find that any query string is unexpectedly passed along, too.

Check Your Linux SSH Log To Stop Hackers

Your web server may be ticking over nicely and everything looks fine and dandy. However, unbeknownst to you your server could be under constant attack by hackers! How can you find out if this is happening? One of the first things to check is your SSH log.