Redirect Single Pages with Classic ASP

Single page redirects in Classic ASP can be useful if your content has moved or if you want to make sure that visitors are viewing your canonical URL. If you can’t access IIS to set up the redirects and the global.asa won’t work, placing this code in your Classic ASP file will accomplish the redirect that you need.

Essential MySQL Functions

MySQL can do far more than just insert, update and select data. In fact the world’s most popular open source database has a whole host of incredibly useful functions built in that you might never know about until you find one day that you need them – and then you wonder how you coped without them!

Check Your Linux SSH Log To Stop Hackers

Your web server may be ticking over nicely and everything looks fine and dandy. However, unbeknownst to you your server could be under constant attack by hackers! How can you find out if this is happening? One of the first things to check is your SSH log.

How to Choose the Optimal MySQL Data Type

The MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS) supports a wide range of data types. The data type that you chose for your table columns is important because it determines how MySQL will store your data. It’s possible that any one of multiple data types could be used to store a piece of data, but which one is the best or optimal data type to use?